Terms of rental

General terms

This contract accords to the client a provisory residency or holiday home, complying to the following conditions stated below which the client must adhere to.
The above mention provisory residency or holiday is to be used only for personal use, and under no means to be used in any function as a business unit or office, or by the client for any professional purpose.
The client understands that the accommodation and services are only provided in the framework of a business or pleasure trip to Paris, this is an exclusive condition to the validation of this contract.
The client (family or acquaintances) undertakes to commit no acts which would disturb the tranquility of neighbours or any of the inhabitants in the building. Any disorderly or unruly behaviour is the sole responsibility of the client and the rental company holds no responsibility if a third party is involved.
Clients must comply with regulations governing the inside of the building. The client cannot bring into the apartment any of their furniture nor possessions, except for personnal belongings.Animals are not allowed in the apartment except through prior arrangement.


During the rental of the apartment, the rental company, (APARTMENT LIVING in Paris), reserves the right to carry our urgent work in the apartment, without affecting the negociated price and have access into the apartment without prior notice.
The responsability of Apartment Living could not be engaged in any technical problem coming from TV system or Internet as the company is not an operator or provider and as thoses services are free.
The tenant could not ask for any price reduction for any noise coming from outside the apartment.
The company is not responsible for any works made in the building or in the street nearby.

The client is obliged to take out their own insurance for personal belongings. The client should show to Apartment Living an insurance certificate, covering any dommages that the client can cause in the apartment and the building (as fire, water link, robbery,...).
In the case of theft or damage, the rental company undertakes no responsability for client's personal belongings.
The client is responsible for any defacement or theft in the apartment, carried out knowingly or unknowingly during their stay.

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Arrival and departure

The sum of 165 Euros will be charged, for all welcome at the apartment from 7:00 pm to 9:00 am on Saturday, on Sunday, and french banking days except by prior arrangement.
The client must inform before end the day and time of their arrival.
The client must fix an appointment for departure formalities at least 24 hours in advance of departure, and within the office hours of the rental company.
The length of stay of this contract, can only de extended with the written agreement by the rental company and for no longer than a period of 6 months.


The company has the right to evict, without any prior warning, all tenants who do not adhere to the above regulations in this contract or for non payment due to either use of a cheque with insufficient funds or unauthorized use of credit card.
Any extension of the lenght of stay must be paid for in full, within 5 days before the end of the initial contract.
In the case of the client refusing to leave the apartment on the termination of their contract, the rental company has the right to impose a fixed charge double to the original price of the normal daily tariff for each unauthorized day following.
For a departure before the negotiated date the tariff remains the same as already agreed by the rental company. Apartment Living reserves the right to substitute another similar or higher category apartment should the circumstances require.


The deposit given by the client guarantees the rental company the payment of different services by the client such as telephone, gas, electricity etc...
The same applies for any damage made by the client to any appliances, funiture, upholstery, kitchen utensils, linens, towels etc...and to leave the property in the same state as the client entered.

The deposit will be returned in full to the client 6 days after his departure, only if all oustanding charges and, or damage costs have been paid in full. If in the case the charge is more than the deposit then the client is responsible for the full payment of the excess.
The deposit represents the guarantee of the apartment to the rental company and should not be looked upon by the client as a sum of money automatically reimbursable in full at the end of their stay.


By signing this contract the client accepts to sign on arrival in their apartment the inventory of the apartment , and the acceptance of the above conditions of this contract, which the client understands in full after the reading of the above information.

APARTMENT LIVING in Paris, reserves the right to substitute another similar or higher category apartment should the circumstances require. APARTMENT LIVING also reserves the right to modify its tariffs in case of exeptional event.

By giving his credit card number the customer confirms that he has read the attached general terms and conditions.

Our services

  • Cleaning once a week
  • Sheets, towels, table cloth included
  • 24-hour assistance hotline
  • Departure cleaning

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Booking policies

Apartment Living enables you to reserve your stay via telephone, e-mail or fax, and by using your credit card. Any payment by credit card will be secured directly by our bank.

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